Bebe (f) is a sweet and amazing senior who is looking for a home where she can have a nice couch or dog bed to relax on.  She has mothered so many liters (before joining our rescue) that she deserves a quiet home to relax in.  She gets along well with other dogs. 

Tiger Lily and her puppies were taken to a shelter when the pups were only a few days old.  Tiger developed an upper respiratory infection so she was placed on the kill list.  Our rescue stepped in to save this family.  Tiger Lily is a great dog but will need a home with a high fence. 

More to come...

Noah (m)  Estimated DOB: 11/20/2016

Wiggles (m)  Estimated DOB: 06/24/2016

Merlin (m) Estimated DOB: 08/23/2015   ***Special needs: Takes Daily medication to control seizures ***

Cassie (f) Estimated DOB:     **Special needs: Limited mobilty in hind end***

Stormie and another big pit mix were found abandoned on a property.  When she was a puppy she grew up around cats on the property that she was found.

More to come...

Tumbler came to our rescue a few years ago.  We believe she suffered nerve damage after being tossed into a ditch.  She can get around, but hops and sometimes slips as she gets around depending on the surface she is walking on.  She is looking for a home that will understand her special needs. 

Weston is a small dog who loves to play.  He also enjoy snuggling alongside his foster family on their couch.  He is adorable and eager to please. 

Merlin is a wonderful dog who suffered from distemper as a puppy.  The distemper led to him suffering from periodic seizures.  However, he is doing well on medication and looking for a home willing to take on a special needs dog.  His treatment involves a vitamin regimen, daily anti-seizure medication, and an understanding home who will just cuddle him after any seizure episodes.  We are hoping to find a home in the local area so we can work on a slow transition for this amazing guy.  He loves playing and gets along well with other dogs!  He is a sweet and loving boy who will steal your heart!  Please consider making this boy a part of your family. 

Zandy was found in someone's yard with one of her puppies but it was obvious that she had several more.  Her other puppies were never found.  Zandy is very energetic and intense so would do well in an active home or with someone who will take her to training.  She is a happy girl and an excellent ball player.  She is playful and thrives on attention.

We have many dogs/puppies looking for forever homes, this page is in alphabetical order (except for dogs that are listed on our bonded pairs page). All of these dogs are up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, and micro-chipped. All of these dogs are heart worm negative and up to date on heart worm prevention. 

Given away for free on Craigslist and then dumped in the desert, these two puppies were found by one of our former adopters.  They will need to get all of their shots, so will not likely be available until the October time frame. 

Drake's family was dumped at the shelter on the day their were born along with their mother.  Drake has lived his entire life in our rescue.  He is looking for a forever home that will offer him some room to play and have other dog friends available to play with.  He has such an amazing personality. 

We DNAed Drake and the results were: ½ Staffordshire Terrier, ¼ German Shepherd, and ¼ Labrador Retriever. 

Malcolm (m) Estimated DOB:

Izzy (f)  Estimated DOB: 07/2014  *** Needs to be an only dog***

Nitro is an amazing dog! He walks well on a leash and would make an excellent buddy to play ball, jog with you or catch a Frisbee. He used to live with a cat and currently lives with several other dogs. He's got a loving personality and just wears a big goofy grin when he's happy. Consider giving Nitro a forever home!

Noah and his sister were found as young puppies abandoned.  We think that Noah is part Black Mouth Cur.  He is very smart and active!  Consider adding him to your home today. 

Zandy (f)  Estimated DOB: 03/01/2016

Wiggles is a fun dog who gets along well with others.  His name fits him well because he is always happy and wiggles about when excited.  Help us find him the perfect forever home.  He promises to be a good boy!

More to come...

White Puppy 1 - Kye (m) Estimated DOB:

Ronni (f) Estimated DOB:

Given away for free on Craigslist and then dumped in the desert, these two puppies were found by one of our former adopters.  They will need to get all of their shots, so will not likely be available until the October time frame. 

Tank was found running scared.  We aren't sure exactly what happened to him, but we were glad to find him.  He hasn't let it impact his sweet personality.  Tank does suffer from some separation anxiety, so he would do better in a home where someone can be around most of the time. 

More to come...

Tumbler (f) Estimated DOB:        ***Special needs: Limited mobility in hind end ****

Stormie (f)   Estimated DOB:

Rainy (f) Estimated DOB:

Maui (f) Estimated DOB: 01/21/2011

Ashland (f) is an amazing dog that's mother was found by border patrol about to have puppies.  One of the border patrol agents, paid to get that mother into boarding, so that she could have her puppies in a safe environment versus the desert.  Ashland is a bit scared/nervous so she needs an adoptive home that will work with her.  She has such an amazing personality once she is comfortable.  She is a shepherd mix, but is more petite in size than a full grown shepherd.    

Bebe DOB:   06/15/2003

Boston (m) DOB:  09/10/2015

Buzz was found roaming the streets, a matted mess.  We have searched for his family, but no one has stepped forward to claim him.  He is now groomed and looking for a forever home.  He is awesome!

Mocha has been with our rescue since the day she was born.  We rescued her family from the shelter.  She lives in a foster home with several other dogs (both large and small).  She is a fun and loving dog.  She would love to find an active family to adopt her!  She has a great personality and loves to play in water.  She is used to being around other dogs, so she is looking for a home with another dog to keep her company.  She is a volunteer favorite because she is so loving. 

We DNAed her brother and the results were: ½ Staffordshire Terrier, ¼ German Shepherd, and ¼ Labrador Retriever. 

We pulled Boston's mother Sydney from a high-kill shelter and she gave birth to several puppies 2 days later. Boston is still looking for his forever home. 

Jasper...awaiting picture and information

Tucson (f) DOB:   12/21/2017

In August, 2014 we took in a stray mama ("Honey Bear") and her two puppies, Mia and Izzy. Mia was adopted soon after they were fully vaccinated. Izzy was also adopted, but returned after 2 months. When she was 5 1/2 months old we placed both Honey Bear and Izzy on the transfer list to Longmont Humane Society. They were transferred to Longmont on September 25, 2015. About a month later we were notified that they were both adopted. We were excited for them and assumed they were in good families.
We didn't hear anything else from them until June 13, 2018. At that time we were told Izzy had been adopted out several times. They told us that due to several concerns, Izzy is no longer an adoption candidate for them. They asked if we wanted to take her back or proceed with euthanasia.  After being supplied with more details we lined out a transporter and got the ball rolling to pick her up and bring her back to us.
Izzy will be allowed to decompress and the we will begin working with her again. She came back VERY overweight, so we will be concentrating on getting her a lot of exercise too!!

Archie (m) is one of the bunch of terriers we recently pulled from the shelter.  He is a fun and loving little guy!  He gets along great with other dogs.  He needs an adopter with a high fence.  He is able to jump over a 4 foot wall.  He will do best in a home where he has at least one doggy playmate. 

We pulled Buford's mother Sydney from a high-kill shelter and she gave birth to several puppies 2 days later. Buford was adopted out with a brother and later returned when they started to no longer get along.  He has done well in his foster home, making friends.  He is excellent with children!  He's a wonderful dog looking for a forever home. 

Tucson (f) is one of our hound puppies.  We pulled her mom Springer from the shelter and later found out  that she was pregnant.  Springer had 13 hound puppies!  Tucson is a gorgeous dog, playful, but also willing to nap and relax.  She will do well in a home that will continue to teach her good manners and make sure she gets plenty of exercise.  Consider adopting this beauty today!

Archie (m) Estimated DOB:  7/16/2017

Buzz (m) DOB:  ?

Nitro (m)  Estimated DOB:

White Puppy 2 (f) Layah Estimated DOB:

Malcolm is a newly rescued puppy who is doing well in his foster home and gets along with dogs big and small.  We will post more about him as we learn more about his personality.  He is ready for a foster-to-adopt home!

More to come...

Ashland (f) DOB: 2/4/2014

Ronni was found near the desert, heavily pregnant.  We had help from someone who was feeding her and caught her.  However, she escaped and thankfully returned to the same location she had been.  We then had to catch her all over again.  She was a good mother to several puppies, but now is looking for a home to enjoy. 

More to come...

Zipper is Zandy's puppy.  She is sweet and loving.  She is very active and always "zips" around.  So goes at one speed!  She really enjoys playing in water, so if you have a pool or a hose she'll be your best friend.  She gets along well with other dogs and puppies and enjoys attention.  She is ready for a forever home!

MOre to come

Rachel and her brother were found as young puppies abandoned. 

M0re to come...

Rachel (F)  Estimated DOB: 11/20/2016

Meet Miley!  This bundle of energy was placed into a cardboard box and left on someone's car when she was about 5 weeks old.  We got the call and one of our fosters went and picked her up.  She has blossomed in her foster home!  Miley is rambunctious and full of energy.  She loves to snuggle with her foster mom.  She will do well in a home with another playful dog. 

Casper's home was far away in Texas, but he somehow ended up in Las Cruces and his former owners no longer wanted him.  He may not be able to hear what you are saying, but he is young and very trainable if you are willing to work on hand signals with him.  He doesn't let his handicap slow him down at all.  He runs, plays, and gets along with everyone he meets.  Please consider giving this cute guy a home.  He will love you forever if you give him a chance and a home!

Mia Claire (f) Estimated DOB: 11/1/2016

Ludwig (m) Estimated DOB: 04/09/2017

We pulled Springer from the shelter and later found out she was pregnant.  She had 13 puppies . She is all done mothering, and ready to find her forever home.  She gets along well with other dogs. 

More to come...

Springer  (f)   Estimated DOB:

Zipper(f)  Estimated DOB: 12/4/2016

Cassie was found a matted mess, but we got her groomed and in a foster home and she really showed her amazing personality.  She was adopted out with another small dog but was returned to the rescue when she lost some mobility in her hind end (we are not certain what exactly caused this to occur).  She still runs and plays with other dogs, but sometimes needs a little help navigating tricky surfaces.  Consider meeting Cassie today, you'll fall in love with this cutie.

Miley (f) Estimated DOB: 09/19/2016

Buford (m) DOB:  09/10/2015

Weston Estimated DOB: 10/11/2017

Mocha (f) DOB: 09/01/2013

Tiger Lily (f)  Estimated DOB:  05/18/2016

Ghost (m)  Estimated DOB: 01/22/2015

Ghost (m) was rescued with 7 puppies off of an abandoned property.  The puppies were sent to an out-of-state rescue.  Ghost and his friend Jasper are still looking for an adoptive home.  They are extremely bonded and would love to stay together, but we realize that may not be possible.

Ghost is extremely shy until he gets to know and trust you.  Then he is full of personality and very playful !  He has always lived with other dogs in his foster homes.  He is potty trained and kennel trained.  Please consider adopting Ghost (and his friend, Jasper). 

Drake (m) DOB: 09/01/2013

Casper (m) Estimated DOB:  11/24/2016   **Special needs: Deaf***

We pulled Becca's mother Sydney from a high-kill shelter and she gave birth to several puppies 2 days later. Becca is still looking for her forever home. 

Mama Mia Claire was relinquished to the shelter with her litter of puppies.  Her puppies were sent to a rescue in Oregon so Mama Mia could begin heartworm treatment.  She is now heartworm free and ready for her very own FOREVER home.  She has lived with other dogs, a cat, and kids.  This high-energy girl needs an active family.  She loves attention & affection. 

Maui is a sweet girl that deserves a family of her own.  She will thrive in an environment where she gets a lot of attention and love!  Prior to coming into our rescue, she had been bred several times.  When she came to us, she was severely obese and has lost over 25 lbs.  She likes to play and walks well on a leash.  Please consider making this loving girl a part of your family!

Ritz (f) Estimated DOB:

Miler (m) Estimated DOB: 03/25/2016

Denton (m)  is one of our hound puppies.  We pulled his mom Springer from the shelter and later found out  that she was pregnant.  Springer had 13 hound puppies!  Denton is an amazing puppy, playful, but also willing to nap and relax.  He will do well in a home that will continue to teach him good manners and make sure he gets plenty of exercise.  Consider adopting this amazing hound puppy today!

Rainy was found wandering lost during a downpour in Las Cruces, which is how she received her name.  We searched for her family, but could not find anyone looking for this beauty.  She is a wonderful dog, loves to sleep with a kid in her foster home.  She gets along well with other dogs. 

Denton (m) DOB: 12/21/2017

This little guy was caught wondering onto one of our volunteer's property.  We were unable to locate his owner and got him some medical attention that he needed when he was found.  He looks to be a chihuahua mix and although he is little, he has a huge personality.  He gets along well with other dogs.  He loves playing and getting attention from his foster dad.

Becca (f) DOB: 09/10/2015

One of our former adopters manages a ranch that is several miles outside of Las Cruces.  He was out checking on things at the ranch when he saw three dogs -- obvious litter-mates because they all looked alike.  He called to them.  Two of them ran off due to fear.  The third one came towards him.  He reached out to us and we agreed to take Miler into our rescue.  In the time that we have had him, his personality has blossomed.  He is all-smiles now!  He gets along with every dog that we have introduced to him.  He is an active dog who would benefit from a home where he will get sufficient exercise. 

Tank (m)  Estimated DOB:

Ritz was recently found.  We attempted to locate her owners but so far have had no luck finding them.  We are learning more about her and will post better pictures and an update soon.

More to come...

Jasper (m) Estimated DOB: