Scout (m)

Jackson (m, left) & Morgan (f, right)

Bonded Pair.  Must be adopted together!

Merlin (m)

Special Needs

Has seizures, on medication

Dobie (f)

Lexi (f, left) & Lucky (m, right)

Bonded pair.  Must be adopted together!

Boston (m)

Lab mix

Missy (f)

Plott hound

Stormie (f)

Noah (m)

Black mouthed cur mix

Hadley (f)

Harvey (m)

Frannie (f)

Addie (f)   DOB ~ 2/14/2016

Spayed, up to date on shots, housetrained

Jazzie (f)

Apollo (m)  Chihuahua

Casper (m)

Special needs *


Bristol (f)

Heeler mix

Brody(m) & Daisy(f) Pomeranian mixes.  Bonded pair

Must be adopted together!

Indie (f) Heeler mix

Axton (m)

Koa (m)

Angel (f)

Harper (f)

Zandy (f)      DOB ~ 3/1/2016

Lab/Staffordshire Terrier mix

Spayed, Up to date on shots, house trained

An active female who enjoys play and long walks.  She would do well in a home that gets her sufficient exercise.  She does not get along with cats.

Miley (f)

Yori (f)     DOB ~


Recently had a litter of puppies, so she will be spayed soon.  An amazing dog who is looking for a forever home!

Tank (m)

Shyla (f)

Wiggles (m)   DOB ~

Neutered, Up to date on shots, house trained

One of Bebe's puppies. 

He is playful and lovable. 

Oreo (f, left) & Sundance (f, right)

Bonded pair.  Sisters.  Looking to be adopted together!

Hugo (m)

Cassie (f)

Special needs*

Limited mobility in hind end

Shadow (f)

Hank (m)

Maui (f)

Drake (m)

Karl (m)

Rocco (m

Miler (m)

Bebe (f)

Senior Staffordshire terrier mix

~ 13 years old

Mr. Bojangles (m)

Mocha (f)

German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever/Staffordshire terrier mix

Zipper (f)    DOB ~ 12/4/16

Lab mix

Spayed, Up to date on shots, house trained

She zips around and is very active.  She loves water and playing with other dogs.

Cloe (f)

Sookie (f)

Samson (m)

Bosley (m)

Lab mix

Rainy (f)

Shepherd mix

Fortuna (f)

Becca (f)

Lab mix

Bruiser (m) Lab mix

Jaguar (m)

Marley (f)

Ludwig (m)

Shylee (f)

Rascal (m)

*Part of a bonded pair

Must be adopted with Jackie

Kylee (f)

Rascal (m, left) and Jackie (f, right)

Bonded pair.  Must be adopted together!

Sundance (f)

* Bonded pair, must be adopted with Oreo

Schatzki (f)

Tumbler (f)     DOB ~ 04/23/2016

Retriever mix

Spayed, Up to date on shots

* Special needs.  Was injured as a puppy, suffered a spinal cord pinch.  She is a happy girl who is looking for a home where she can play, hop around, and be loved!

Buford (m)  Lab mix

Amazing with kids!

Jackson (m)

Must be adopted with Morgan

Trudy (f)   DOB~01/28/2017

Chihuahua mix

A loving puppy who is shy when meeting new people at first.  She gets along great with other dogs in her foster home as well as cats!