Consider picking a pet from our adoptable page. 

Help with food and medical bills for that dog.

Under 20 lbs.  $15/month sponsorship.  Dogs needing sponsorship:

   Lucky, Lexi, Jaguar, Stryker, BJ, Lulu

Between 20 lbs. - 50 lbs. $25/month sponsorship.  Dogs needing sponsorship:

   Becca, Bosley, Boston, Bruiser, Cloe, Ellie, Frannie, Jazzie, Jackie, Rascal, Oreo, Sundance, Addie, Scout, KJ, Karl, Angel, Taylor,Jackson .

Over 50 lbs. $35/month sponsorship.  Dogs needing sponsorship:

Mocha, Drake, Cream, Gator, Harvey, Kylee, Marlee, Shylee, Schatzki, Silas, Toby, Tank, Bebe, Hank, Buford, Rainy, Maui.

Consider donating a bag of dog food or two a month.  (See help us page for food brands we use.)

Make a monthly donation.  We will post a picture of a dog you sponsor and for how long along with a thank you message.

Harper has been sponsored by Elizabeth Perez.  Thank you Elizabeth!

Addie has been sponsored for 3 months in honor of Michael Baran's birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Kathie Baran has sponsored Merlin's anti-seizure medication.  Thank you Kathie!